Maintenance Checklist & Safety Evaluation

Nip troubles in the bud!

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Save money by heading off minor problems before they become major expenses. Whether it is the furnace or exterior cladding, houses require routine maintenance to keep systems and components operating properly and efficiently. Most maintenance issues are minor and are easily remedied. However, some minor issues can quickly turn into costly repairs if they are not found early—especially those issues involving moisture

A complete home inspection by NorthWest Building Inspection will help you prioritize maintenance issues from those that require immediate attention to those that can be budgeted and scheduled for the future. Your home is a major asset. We can help you keep your investment well preserved by helping you establish a maintenance schedule.

In addition to our thorough checklist of maintenance items, we'll also test for carbon monoxide and gas leaks, evaluate the electrical system, check the smoke detectors and look for other potential safety concerns in your home. Most importantly, since we do not do the repairs or contracting ourselves, we have no vested interest in discovering or concealing problems.

Our home safety and maintenance inspections include the following: 

  • Standard complete home inspection
  • Safety evaluation, including checking for gas leaks and carbon monoxide
  • Detailed report, including digital photographs of pertinent items
  • Summary page highlighting items that require repair
  • List of preventative maintenance tips for the future

As always, we encourage homeowners to ask plenty of questions and call us for any technical advice.