Builders Warranty Inspections

Don't let the Warranty Expire on Your New Home Without an Inspection!

Most builders offer a one-year warranty on new homes these days. As the first anniversary of your new home approaches, are you confident that everything is in great working order?

Buying a new home isn't the same as buying a new vehicle. Vehicles are built under controlled environments, using an assembly system that has been tested again and again. Even so, few of us allow the 50,000 mile warranty to expire without having our vehicles inspected. Why wouldn't you do the same for your new house, which is worth many times more than any vehicle? 

Many people believe that there could be nothing wrong with a new house. Unfortunately, a house is built by various subcontractors often working under the stress of tight deadlines. And with so many components and tradespeople involved, it is easy for items to be missed--even by the best builders and/or overworked county or city inspectors!!

Examples of our past findings on 1-year old homes:

 DCP 0079



Improperly installed support post

Burnt electrical wires

Missing support post




Water in the crawlspace

Missing concrete footing

Separated exhaust flue in attic

The builder's 1-year warranty provides a safety net to have these items repaired. But, the burden of informing the builder about the deficiency rests on the homeowner.

If the deficiency is obvious, such as a light switch or appliance, the homeowner would know about it—and may have already had the builder repair it. However, sometimes the problem may be less obvious, such as in the support structure in the crawlspace, a vent in the attic space, in a breaker box, or a drain that wasn't properly plumbed. Over the years, we have seen the whole gamut of critical components that were missed.

Some of these problems, if left for a long time, may cause greater damage—and will eventually be the responsibility of the homeowner to repair out of his/her own pocket. Sometimes, the problem is hidden until it is brought to light by a buyer's inspector when the homeowner goes to sell the house. Not exactly a pleasant surprise….

A relatively small investment in a complete home inspection before the warranty expires could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs. If you are one of the lucky few whose house was built perfectly, an inspection to confirm this rare occurrence can give you a great deal of peace of mind!!!

Our detailed inspection report, and our easy to read summary page, can assist you in addressing items when discussing repairs with the builder.

A builders' warranty inspection by NorthWest Building Inspections includes:

  • a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the home's major systems and components
  • an easy to read report that includes digital photos of pertinent items and a summary page;
  • consultation with the inspector to go over findings and answer any other questions the homeowner may have.

Remember to schedule your inspection before your warranty expires!